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Let’s Know About Excel Evolution AKA History of Microsoft Excel

I am already aware that 95% of you guys never thought about finding how excel was born Right? Well if you are, you may Skip this, Oh No! WAIT! You might not be knowing some interesting factors about excel Yet, So, Don’t go away 🙂 – For the Peeps who are searching about Excel and if you are reading this you are in the RIGHT place. Haha!

Let’s get on, The Story begins in year of 1978, you Might have never born, but your parents were 😉 – It was first called as VISICALC, Founded by Dan Bricklin, a Harvard University Student.

The Spreadsheet that was made in the early stages is nothing compared to the Modern Excel in 2016. During the year 1980, A Spreadsheet application was released in the name of SuperCalc by Sorcim, It was originally bundled along with WordStar, But the application wasn’t a very successful one.

1982 – 1993

In 1982, A new spreadsheet was developed by Microsoft called Multiplan.

However in 1983, Lotus 1-2-3 Improvised all the basic embodied in SuperCalc, Along with being a spreadsheet. It also offered Integral Charting, Graphing and Data base operation.

In 1985 Microsoft Excel Version 1.0 was board, After all Yeah ? huh! This was the first spreadsheet to use a graphical interface with a pull down menu and Click capabilities using a mouse.

While, after a 2 year time period Excel Version 2.0 was introduced for the Windows Version and in 1990 Excel 3.0 was born and it contained Toolbars, Drawing, 3D charts and many more new features, Then in 1992 just after 2 years Excel 4.0 was born to the world, It had better mouse handling more structures and customizable toolbars.

Furthermore, in 1993 Excel Version 5.0 was released with a major update which is the Multi-Sheet Workbook and Support for VBA and that was a majour breakthrough.

1997- 2007

In 1997 Microsft Excel 97 and it introduced the paper clip assistant, ” if you can remember that Paper clip Guy, He was so Funny Tho hahaha! Yah? Check out the below Funny Paper Clip Assistant video.. Relax and Sit back a bit now 🙂

In 1999 Excel 2000 Excel Improved to Hold multiple objects at a time, and in 2001 Excel Released the Version 10.0 and it had Formula Auditing Feature where potential Formula errors and capabilities to recover the data was introduced

Further in 2007 and 2010 The Ms Excel 2007 and 2010 Introduced a Major upgrade of Extended Image Editing, Improved Pivot tables, ability to customize the ribbon and conditional formulas.

2013 – 2016

In 2013 Excel Released the Version 15.0 which is also called as Microsft Excel 2013 and it had more than 50 functionalities

Finally, 2016 – The Current year we are living in, Excel Introduced a major breakthrough of One click forecasting inclusive of below features as well :

– Funnel Charts
– Improved Auto Complete
– TextJoin
– Concat
– Swicth
– Maxif
– Minif
– Six New Types of Charts
– Query
– 3D Maps and Financial Templates.

In Conclusion, We can Justify there is a tremendous improvement in order to give a much better user friendliness and Improved Data evaluation. Therefore, I advise you to move from older version to new version to have a better exposure.

Finally Thank you very much for Reading about Excel Evolution | Excel History, I hope you enjoyed our article and We will keep on adding Posts that Suits your Interest in Many Ways.