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Good Day Fellas! Today’s blog is all about Global Village!

It was a great Evening and we were enjoying a hot coffee while, We were clueless and we have not planned anything for the weekend! Apparently we received 3 VIP tickets to global village from one of our friends, WOW, we were excited to explore as its the world’s largest leisure and entertainment project in Dubailand. For the last four years it has recorded 4.5 million + visitors over an area of 17,200,000 sq ft, and not surprisingly having a capacity to park 17,000 cars. Global Village is a representation of world countries and you can shop everything you desire and Enjoy well with different nationalities food, Which is what my favorite part! Eating… !!!

On 03rd of March 2017 – We Left our apartment around 04.30 in the evening and were really feeling awesome, even my 2 year old Nephew was! The moment we got down there! Oh my goodness, we couldn’t believe our eyes – Look at the image we captured!


Then we Started Moving in through the VIP counter and we had an awesome red-carpet welcoming! I felt like a celebrity walking towards a film-fare award. Hah!

As we enter the Global Village, we were able to see many country representations and filled with people around, which made us al ot of trouble in capturing pictures and recording videos. It was quite exciting moment and we first entered in to Turkey! Oh Grand, we were able to see awesome food and clothing items filled with multicultural people! I cannot forget the drink Tamr-Hindi – It was and Awesome Drink I ever Had. Look at these Images from Turkish Platform

As we entered the Turkey Platform, I already started to capture some quality images and some awesome videos, enjoying the views eagerly and moving towards the Ice cream shop which was quite exiting, Spur of the moment, I realized a women from one of the stalls was already approaching me and I stopped to see why she was trying to hunt me down he! he!,

She Said, “excuse me, Would you mind deleting the picture and the videos that you have taken? ”

I was mesmerized, I said, “Why would I need to delete my images and videos, just because you are asking me to do so? ”

She started to act a bit rude and people have gathered to see what was happening, and was told, that I apparently captured them in the videos and they do not like to be in any of the photography, I respected their views and thoughts and Finally I agreed to delete one of the pictures in my camera, But its not a big deal of course I had two pictures of the same stall tho. Ha! Ha!

Therefore, When ever you enter in to any of the middle eastern platform, be cautious! on what you are doing, it would lead in to a big trouble.

Finally, we approached the Ice cream shop, Its small yet very entertaining, Look at the video how they could entertain you with an Ice cream cone. I have found an awesome video!!!,  Not only the person who stands to grab the Ice cream Enjoys even the surrounding people are, Have a look !

As we approach the next platform, We were able to see the Platform of Russia, How awesome the outside walls are, Each and every entrance have been designed to its own country identities, according to their culture and their aspects. Look  at the below image of Russian grand entrance, you will literally be amazed!

As we Move Along we captured some awesome images of Russian and American Platform at Global Village Dubai. Look at these awesome images

As we move along, We were sighting a lot of entertainment programs well organized, among 3D mapping show, Bollywood Dances, Chinese Circus, Haunted house, Polynesian Dance and verities of Emirati entertainment programs, Its a good place for who intends to take lot of photography and videos Just like I did! Adding further global village is of course a shopping sphere, A place where shoppers would go crazy over the items. There are Western, Asian, Middle Eastern and African Cloths in respective pavilions, You can see from Antique Items to Modern Tech’s and Gadgets.

When speaking about the crowd, it can get a very busy place, because people who visits Dubai would never miss the chance to visit global village and at the same time, parking slots will never be a problem as it accommodates 15,000 car slots + an exceeding crowd parking space as well. Take a Look at these Exotic images captured Just for you.

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So get yourself down to Global Village today; Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Exit 37

Thursday and Fridays and Public holidays 4PM-2AM & Sat-Thur: 4PM-1AM – The park is open during the months of November – April Each Year!

Have a Great Day!

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