We have been discussing the various possible options with excel to present your sheets more meaningful. Naviarone is helping you with fantastic articles and this is one among the list. Here we are going to learn number format in a much simpler manner and to include simple graphs to understand your data much better

Numbers Formatting in Excel

Just look at a sheet with raw data entered and kept as it is. Would you feel like looking at it for any purpose? Definitely, no one would like to view and manipulate such a rough data. If the same is formatted with ‘thousands separator’, ‘commas’ within, etc, then it can give you a great confidence when presented before your team.  That is why we consistently insist on numbers formatting while dealing with revenue, or with any numbers.


How to do number formatting in excel?

Highlight the data range that needs to be formatted.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + 1.
  • It’s done! You can look at the fantastic appearance in just a few key presses.

Below is the data before formatting and you can see that the first row is different from the second.  The un-formatted data looks unprofessional and you can make it look uniform with the shortcut that we have discussed above.


Number Format General numbering


Number Format after Formatting


You can select it from the menu bar as we handle the other tabs on it. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • Highlight the data range that needs to be formatted.
  • From the Home menu, go to Number Tab.
  • Click the comma symbol and it’s done.

Now let us learn how to include simple graphs for the data on your sheet. Obviously, graphical representations are easily understandable and make it a practice to include in your sheets.


Comma Style Option Excel

Simple Charts:

Here is the shortcut for a graphical view of your numbers.

Highlight the data range for which you need a graph.
Press the keys Alt + F1 and a default chart appears on the screen. You can adjust the size of it or the location of it on your sheet by just dragging the corners of the chart.

• You can now change the chart title by just double-clicking it. Look at the below image that how we have changed it

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Number Format

Number Format

Number Format

Number Format

Number Format

Number Format