Plants and It’s Modern Science – Do Plants Feel Pain ?

Plants ! What Human Doesn’t know about it ? Well, we are here to discuss the most interesting and an important topic of the time! We all know that Science really makes human lives better each and every day. But...
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Top 5 PC Apps – Do You Really Need It ? This Will Help You Decide Final !

We are used to the pop-up of new apps every now and then, Top 5 PC Apps are not a random pick! We have analyzed the apps for various platforms, devices, usability, flexibility, cost, etc. to pull the below list from...
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Number Format & Graphs Easier Than You Think !

We have been discussing the various possible options with excel to present your sheets more meaningful. Naviarone is helping you with fantastic articles and this is one among the list. Here we are going to learn number format in a...
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  • Average 200

How To Find The Right How to Calculate Average For Your Specific Product (Service)

We Naviarone, have been helping people to explore excel and to complete their tasks quicker. You can manipulate your data in such a way that you might never have thought or heard of such things could be done in excel....
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How to calculate Maximum, Minimum, Count and Average of your sales?? It’s Easy

Maximum Minimum Count Average Are you fed up dealing your sales data? Really struggling to find something from your previous sales, so that you can improve it?  It is for those people we have drafted an excellent article and here...
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  • New Features of Excel 2016

You Don’t Have To Be A Pro To Start Learning New features of Excel 2016 – A Detailed Note!

Hola! We have though writing about New Features of Excel 2016 which was introduced late 2016. Microsoft Excel has simplified jobs of many individuals by handling data in a more efficient manner by introducing New Features of Excel. We not...
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Excel 2016 – Conditional Formatting – Made Simpler!

What is Conditional Formatting? Not everyone knows about conditional Formatting in Excel, Specifically the beginners of Excel, The below learning is for Newbies, But Wait!! Advanced Users ~~ You may also know some additional information by reading this Posts or...
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Our Journey To Global Village – Dubai

Global Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates Good Day Fellas! Today’s blog is all about Global Village! It was a great Evening and we were enjoying a hot coffee while, We were clueless and we have not planned anything...
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Excel 2016 Navigation | All Ribbon Features Explained!

Excel Navigation Hey Peeps! Here we come with another grand episode of knowing about Excel 2016 navigation, Tabs and Some Simple Formulas. The Recommendation viewers for this post is for the beginners, But Wait don’t go away yet, an advance...
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Excel Evolution | History of Microsoft Excel

Good Day People! First of All, Welcome to our blog post, This is Our First Blog Post, Have Fun and Enjoy. Let’s Know About Excel Evolution AKA History of Microsoft Excel I am already aware that 95% of you guys...
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